How To Manage Your Branded Merch Without Losing Your Soul

We all want things to be easy. Third-grade math. Cleaning the ceiling fan. Life.


And work. Definitely work. 

Love and passion can definitely take you places. But if those places are overwhelming, it can make work hella hard.

We see you, the Merch Minders and Swag Stewards of the world, as you sift through the cardboard jungle of your company’s promo closet and tackle inventory spreadsheets. It’s a lot to take on. 

Not everyone has time, space, or resources to figure out how All The Things work together in an effective branded merch program. We get it. Demystifying shipping, dealing with storage, and learning logistics means more time away from the work that lights you up. Your wish? That everything could be streamlined for efficiency, reliability, and less hassle so you can stop worrying about...everything. 

Your job will probably never be easy. But it can be made easier when you optimize your branded merch operations. 

In other words: 

Let someone else handle the hard stuff.

Here’s how. 


Fulfillment is a finely tuned system that rules everything from complex inventory management to processing, picking, packing, and shipping merchandise to customers, clients and employees. It’s no longer necessary to lug merch from the scary closet on the third floor and create a frenzied swag assembly line that snakes its way through hallways and ends in front of the break room microwave. #truestory

You can simplify your merch program by hiring out the tasks of sourcing, storing, assembling, shipping and tracking. Multi-faceted companies like Buzztag have the resources and know-how to get the right stuff to the right people at the right time.



Meaningful merch is driven by creativity and relationships. 

People hold onto things that are original, unexpected, and a joy to receive. Good swag takes a ton of thoughtfulness, so you’ll want to partner with a distributor that values imagination and flexes its creative muscle with every order. 

Establishing relationships with factories takes a certain level of commitment. It involves growing a reputation of reliability over time and demonstrating loyalty. The true value of partnering with a company like Buzztag is that we’ve built a preferred supplier network that allows us to source the best products at the best price. Whether you need a quick turn-time or something completely custom, we have the connections to make it happen. 


Once your order ships from the factory, it’s gotta go somewhere. Many companies don’t have devoted (or controlled) warehouse space to properly store their branded merch. Instead, it’s relegated to dark closets and storage units---swag graveyards where crushed, half-full boxes go to die. 

The solution? Store your merch in a secure environment until you need it. Companies like Buzztag have solid warehouse systems in place that track quantities, keep merch organized, and ship with efficiency and ease. 



Folding. Bagging. Attaching hand tags. Repackaging. Crinkle paper. A handwritten note. Size stickers. Gift wrapping. A dose of good vibes. 

It all takes precious time. No problem, right? Just clone yourself 100 times to get it all done. 

The good news is that you can leave the details to us. All of them.

“Kitting” is the assembly line of the fulfillment process. It’s the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done stage where products are pulled and arranged into single packages.

Kitting is an art. It’s about curating a brand moment---an “unboxing experience”--- that gives recipients the warm fuzzies. Presentation matters to people, and a well-planned, stand-out kit builds more love for your brand. 

Whether you need 25 or 2500 kits, there are options for every budget that eliminate the worry, hassle, and expense of handling the assembly chore internally. 



When you have multiple items to be shipped to various locations, all at different times, it can be a headache. This is where expert help is invaluable. When you work with a company like Buzztag, your shipments go out when you give the thumbs up. Your merch gets where it needs to go when it needs to be there.

Tracking and reporting are also essential to the fulfillment process. It’s why we’ve built up robust automation platforms that ensure you never run out of inventory and always know what’s going on.  


When you want a fabulous cake, you go to a baker. When your toilet stops working, you call a plumber. When you can’t figure out the remote control, you ask an 8-year-old.

Experts make life easier. 

When there is an incredible amount of moving parts to your branded merch program, peace of mind matters. Solutions exist to save time, money, and sanity. There are helpers out there---like Buzztag---who’ve got your back. As your just-do-it-all-for-me partner, we can help you source products, manage orders and inventory, and get your swag out into the world with speed and scale.  

At Buzztag, your branded merch is always welcome. Need help putting together an insanely personalized fulfillment plan that removes unwanted stress and keeps your soul intact? We can make it happen. 

Let’s chat!