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Sustainable Gifts For A Better Planet

Sustainable Gifts For A Better Planet

Buzztag is a company located in beautiful Central Oregon. We work, play and enjoy the magic of the outdoors from the Cascade Mountains to the High Desert. Our team is committed to gear and gifts that we source and use while hiking, skiing, biking, camping and ascending to new heights.

We talk a lot about the importance of sustainability and making sure the products we purchase are sustainable. But what is it, exactly, that makes a product sustainable? Sustainable can mean different things to different companies and individuals. You may find it helpful to consider the different aspects of sustainability.

Sustainable Products

What makes a product sustainable?

According to this Earth911 article, a product is usually considered sustainable if:

* It is made from renewable resources; in other words, resources that can’t be fully depleted.

* Its production, distribution, and/or consumption uses as little energy as possible, and minimizes and responsibly disposes of waste.

* It was made in a socially responsible business that practices fair and equal hiring, hiring a diverse range of different people and ensuring they have a voice, caring about their health, wellbeing, and success.

Zero Waste

Buzztag has always been a huge believer in eco-friendly products (if you didn't know it's a thing, contact us!), and now, we're more motivated than ever to help continue to restore and protect Mother Nature.

These eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products will minimize our environmental footprint and help make our world a better place for wildlife and Mother Nature.

Eco-Friendly Straws
Unique technology
Branded Wearables
Unique Drinkware
Food experiences
Branded Sets

In a time where we're seeing such dramatic impacts on the environment, it's critical for us to focus on building our world back better than it was before.