Selfishness is out. Kindness and generosity are in. 

Companies are taking meaningful action.

In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly aware of social and environmental issues and demand corporate responsibility, companies are recognizing the need to align their values with meaningful action. Promos with a purpose are one of the simplest ways to show your customers that giving back is a mission you take seriously.

When you connect your brand to products that contribute to the greater good in some way, the impact is far-reaching and undeniable. 

Whether it’s promoting sustainability, advocating for social causes, or supporting communities in need, branded merchandise is a tangible symbol of your brand’s commitment to making a difference. These do-good initiatives turn customers into benevolent changemakers whenever they use, wear, or talk about your branded merch.  

According to Enso’s World Value Index, which measures the extent to which Americans are inspired by brand missions,

69% of employees would work harder if they felt more appreciated for their efforts. (Source Socialcast) (1)-1

We interpret this to mean a few things. First, a massive majority of people care about making the world a better place. We absolutely love that. Second, your customers BELIEVE in your potential to do good. They are rooting for you. (And who doesn’t want more people in their corner?)

Here are a few more interesting stats about what people want from the brands they love: 

  • 78% of Americans believe companies must do more than make money. They must positively impact society as well. (Source: Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study )
  • 77% of customers buy from brands that share the same values as they do

(Source: Havas Group)


In a cause-related marketing campaign, doing good is the number one goal. But you’re also in business to make a profit and have this thing called a “budget” that the money crunchers want you to pay attention to. ROI matters. 

Cause marketing can have a positive effect on your bottom line in the form of:


When companies demonstrate a genuine commitment to social responsibility, it resonates with consumers on a deeper level. There’s something powerful yet also comforting about sharing common beliefs.


Giving back lifts brand affinity. According to Edelman’s GoodPurpose Study, 72% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t. 


People long to throw their weight and attention behind meaningful causes. Give them an opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves and see your competitive advantage soar.



People cherish merch that is meaningful and memorable. But when you also attach social good to it, they’ll hold onto it forever.

Consumers have the power to shape the world through their choices. So give them merch that supports worthy causes while turning heads with style and purpose. Whether it’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly goods or give-back initiatives that donate a portion of their proceeds, we can help with creative promos and gifts that perfectly align with your brand’s values.  

Here are a few merch-with-a-mission ideas we love here at Buzztag:


Parker Clay




You may not always be able to give back with every brand promotion. That’s okay. But when you do, you’re saying your merch has the power to do more. 

When your brand consistently prioritizes purpose-driven merch, you’ll build a reputation as a leader in social responsibility. Consumers remember and appreciate brands that try their hardest to make a social impact. When practiced genuinely, the ripple effects of your efforts extend far beyond the merchandise itself. You’re creating a legacy of positive change.

How do you find THE perfect item that lights people up and also gives back?

This is where Buzztag can help. We know a thing or two about what people want. Helping brands create meaningful merch is what we do. It’s what we live for.

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